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A Challenge of Honour

Johan K. starts A Challenge of Honour in 2000 with the recording of "The Right Place". The following year, he asked Peter S. to join A Challenge of Honour for the recording of an hommage to the victims of the red-cross ship "Wilhelm Gustloff" (in 1945).

Divine Comedy Records got in touch with Peter and by the end of 2001, they've signed a deal for the release of "Only Stones Remain". Two weeks after the beginning of the recording sessions, Johan decided to quit the band.

Peter S. remains the only effective member of A Challenge of Honour...

DC releases :
- "Only Stones Remain" (DC 008/CD) - 2001
- "Angelic Torment" (DC 012/10" & 10" box) - 2002
- "Nacht Viel Ueber Gothenhafen" (DC 017/10") - 2002
- v/a "Ombres et Lumières" a tribute to JM Dauvergne (DC022/CD + Book) - 2003
- "Oradour-sur-Glane" (DC 029/10" & 10" box) - 2004
- "Seven Samurai" (CD/DC 040) - 2005

side-projects :
- Materialschlacht
- La Reine Noire

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