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Der Arbeiter

Der Arbeiter is born in 2001. This project can be roughly described as "military pop", with minimal electronics and acoustic elements. Although it incorporates epic martial tones, it is a bit far from the bombastic-wagnerian mainstream associated to the military scene. This "fin de siecle" BPM style was chosen to incarnate underlying forces (ancient, deep and archetypical energies) with influences from well known acts like Death in June ("Nada!" period), Allerseelen, 300.000 VK and others, including 80's synthy-wave.

The image of the Worker expresses his will with sharpness, precision, and strength : an alchemical transformation of nature. All these concepts converge in the music, which vary from industrial harshness to warmer and softer moods. Lyrics are based on the words of poets like Hölderlin, Rilke, Meister Eckhart, Miguel Serrano and others.

DC release :

-"Reflejos del Sol" (DC 036/CD) - 2004

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