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"Chaos of Sigma" -Arcaïde 1st album- saw the light in 2001, quickly followed by the creation of the collective Zero Corp, with ten local bands clustered around dark and noisy experiments. This cooperation gave birth to Synocaïde, a crossover project (including Arcaïde) in 2003.

The same year, Arcaïde unleashed his second full lenght entitled "Probably Problematic". 15 tracks based on electro and industrial but slowly turning to abstraction. Arcaïde grew, keeping the abyssal colors and heavy harmonies that make his particularity.

In 2006, the third album "Opus Mort" showed obvious cinematographic tendencies. This release was the outcome of a long experimentation resolutely looking forward into weird sonorous landscapes.

Arcaïde signed with Divine Comedy for an official 4th album to be released this year...

DC release :
- "s/t" (DC 055/CD) - 2008

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