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Babylone Chaos

Babylone Chaos is a kind of "free" mix between industrial and contemporary sonorities. It could be described as pure noise, without any other intention or influence ! So noise + sound + contemporary artefacts may be the receipt without any political or basic message.

He studied music at the CIRM (International Center of Musical Research) located in Nice but also Philosophy, ethnology, history and cinema from the early XX° century.

He has been introduced to experimental music when he crossed the path of two members from Horde Cathalytique pour la Fin on Futura (a legendary label operating in the mid 70's with weird fellows such as Red Noise, Fille Qui Mousse, Jacques Thollot or Ame Son).

DC release :
- "Univers Carcéral" (DC 039/ split DCD) - 2005

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