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Cruise [Ctrl]

This project led by John Cruise (programming, arrangement and production) and DJ Gore (weird sounds and sonic effects) started back in 2005. Influences can be found in the musical sphere (Pan Sonic, Roger Rotor, P.A.L. or Suicide as some of the most obvious) but we also have to talk about cinematographic references ; the most significant one being David Lynch's work. It's not really a question of 'tribute' (even if all titles tracks and productions refer directly to him) but mainly a question of 'method'. Like him, Cruise [Ctrl] aim to create a specific musical experience giving great importance to arrangements task and details but also to chance and coincidences...  

In other words, Cruise [Ctrl] aims to be 'projective'. There are 'holes' in their music and every listener has to put a part of himself, a piece of his own imagination and creativity to experience the whole thing. Feeling first...

DC releases :
- v/a "Electronic Manifesto 2" (DC 052/CD) - 2007
- "I Heard it " (DC 054/CD) - 2008
- "How's Annie?" (DC 061/CD) - 2010

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