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Foundation Hope

The concept of Foundation Hope is ironical religious. The name is derived from various Christian institutes such as the Hope Foundations which presents -as all religions do- a reason for existence. There are also a lot of Hope Foundations that promise to redeem sickness and mentally illness. Of course, there is no hope to be found there ; and that’s exactly what hope is: wishful thinking, but not reality. The idea of a Hope Foundation (as an organised product) is both laughable and tragic and represents a good display of the way WE ARE LOST. An institute, more depraved than any other, pretending to give comfort and bring light.

Foundation Hope is influenced by writers such as Michel Houellebecq, Céline, and cinematographers Gaspar Noë and Bruno Dumont.

DC releases :
- "A Call to all Redeemers" (DC 042/CD) - 2006
- v/a "Père-Lachaise" (DC 045/CD + Book) - 2006

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