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Grzegorz Siedlecki started making industrial-experimental music in 2001 with the foundation date of an industrial/noise oriented project named Totenhaus. This project is currently a collaboration with Merissa from another polish project named Artefactum.

In 2004, Grzegorz started writing "solo" pieces for the releases "The Fire Sermon" and "Metafizyka". Because of his philosophical education, Grzegorz is mainly interested in "prima philosophia"-metaphysics, from Aristote to Hegel as well as Nietzsche's thoughts, Stirner's egoism and Sartre's pessimistic ideas.

We can describe this project as contemporary symphonic industrial in the most destructive and murkier tradition. Another interpretation of the end of times, still on Divine Comedy Records...

DC releases :
- "The Fire Sermon" (DC 041/CD) - 2005
- v/a "Père-Lachaise" (DC 045/CD + Book) - 2006
- "Penfield Mood Organ" (DC 057/CD) - 2008

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