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Lambwool is a one man project conducted by Cyril Laurent, a young french musician. He began in the early 90's with a metal oriented band called Moon Revolution based in Marseille. In 1996, he released an ep entitled "French Kissin" under the name The Soul Lives in Berlin, a project in the vein of Ministry.

Lambwool was born in 2000, with Dead Can Dance, Tangerine Dream, Labradford, and "Heaven Deconstruction" by The Young Gods as main influences. His first demo, "Half Alive" (2001) won the D-Side Magazine's tremplin. The following year, he released a very critically acclaimed second opus.

Lambwool music is now close to some Cold Meat Industry's dark-ambient pieces, with that strong meditative sadness you can find in the french's DC crew (Othila, Land, Fin de Siècle).

DC releases :
- "Fading Landscapes" (DC 035/CD + Book) - 2005
- "...And The Angel is Gone" (DC 051/CD + Book) - 2008

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