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DC 026 - "A Tribute to the Armageddon's Nights" (CD)
2003 (500 copies)

DC 026

Armageddon's Nights were created back in 1993 by DJ. H.I.V+, in the legendary underground place called The Trolleybus. At first, this happening was primarily focused on the happenings surrounding the music : Body Art , S.M shows... But finally, this event became the annual's Industrial Rendez-vous with participations from many dj's and bands...

Last year, Armageddon's Night celebrated its 10th birthday... 10 years of madness are compiled on this compilation, with unreleased tracks from some of the most famous activists of this incredible nights.

Those who attended cannot testify, and those who didn’t are pretending they were there...

Armageddon’s 10th birthday will be its last one. Now the doors are closed, the party is over, and this compilation stands as a testimony of an unique event that will stay engraved in the mind of artists and public alike forever !

Featuring : Mlada Fronta, Salt, Aql, H.I.V+, Empusae, Omnicore, Sulphuric Saliva, Lith , Mimetic, Millimetric, Communication-Zero, Mauri, Celluloid Mata, S.A.T.K.A, Bism.

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