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DC 029 - "Oradour-sur-Glane" (10”/10" Box )
2004 (500 copies) - sold out

DC 029

This is the 3rd and final opus from the "Trilogy of Human Madness". It comes in a limited edition of 415 black vinyls, 105 red/numbered vinyls, and 38 numbered boxes (sold out) . The A & B sides are reversed (a bad strike from G.Z factory).

This release is a touching hommage to one of the most sordid episode of WWII "Oradour-sur-Glane". It's a tribute to the many innocent victims of this village who were slaughtered in the name of a vengeance that didn’t concern them, and a denunciation of war and genocides as a whole. You’ll find again the ACOH unique touch of choirs, organ and symphonic parts, enhanced this time by some guitars.

Painted artwork created by Divine Comedy label manager, and destined to be offered to the Oradour's museum.

Industrial music may be a requiem for souls … A naïve but honest hope. We honestly think that this is the most musically interesting part of the whole trilogy, and again on 10" ltd vinyl format.

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