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DC 034 - "Tribal End" (CD)
2004 (500 copies)

DC 034

Quite two years have passed since their last release on Divine Comedy records ! Their first opus was atomic-dance-floor-harsh-music, to quote some reviewers...

Then, Lith did a lot of live appearences and v/a's featurings, for several labels such as Parametric, Kubernoise, Divine Comedy, Triton, or Zoomica... Now, Lith comes back with "Tribal End", a moodier album with strong industrial fields as usual, but moderated by more tribal trance and echoing sounds. "Tribal End" includes some featurings and remixes by P.A.L, Izloloscope, Aql, S.To Cage, H.I.V.+, Empusae and Shizuka. It figures out both direction and intentions : diversity but in the great tradition of electronic's industrial warfare...

tracklisting :
01. Knowledge
02. Boreal
03. l.Dose 50
04. MK.H
05. Perenially Pain
06. Tribal End
07. Austral
08. Primitus Act 3
09. Aussterben 4 (P.A.L. remix)
10. Propaganda (s.cage remix)
11. Attraction (H.I.V.+ gravity remix)
12. Pylon (Iszoloscope 1969 remix)
13. Bind of Destruction (Empusae remixed by Lith)
14. Machinery (AQL remix)
15. Spasms (featuring Shizuka)

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