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DC 040 - "Seven Samurai" (CD)
2005 (1000 copies)

DC 040

4 years have passed since the first official ACOH release on Divine Comedy Records. With a very dense discography, ACOH is now one of the most recognized band in the martial symphonic scene. Apart from the 4 previous releases on Divine Comedy, ACOH has also worked for such labels as Steinklang and Eternal Soul.

Divine Comedy Records is now proud to present the new ACOH release, a tribute to Akira Kurosawa, the famous japanese director. This is an "alternative" soundtrack for Kurosawa's masterpiece "Seven Samurai" ; not to be fitted into the movie but to tell the story a different way. Nine epic pieces of music in the ACOH tradition recorded with the help of Steven Arkwood (Straight Mental Institute) on two tracks.

This album is available in a beautiful digifile limited to 1000 copies. An LP version limited to 300 copies will be also available from Steinklang.

mp3 :

- "Preparing the Village" (4.94 mo)

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