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DC 050 - "s/t" (7")
2008 (300 copies)

DC 050

This limited single open with two unreleased tracks by Michael Yonkers & The Blindshakes... very raw "garage-punk" ! Two short tracks by this living legend Kulfi's contacted because the whole band is into the incredible "Microminiature Love", as everybody in the world should be !

The Kulfi's side is a brand new track energic and dreamy as the same time. Can we say a sort of Sonic Youth / High Tide mix ?

As the band usually says, "people listening to our music give us different influences each times" and that's the best compliment ever.

The cover is also a real piece of art ; so don't miss this smart item with a very symbolic number : DC 050 !

First 100 copies are specially numbered and exclusively available through our mail order.

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