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DC 054 - "I Heard it " (CD)
2008 (500 copies) - sold out

DC 054

Let's be straight : This album is loud, claustrophobic and danceable at times. Rythms are obsessives and vibrations got us mad here at DC GQG ! By now, you've certainly discovered their wonderful contribution "Crow's Nest" with Imminent to the recent v/a "Electronic Manifesto 2" on Divine Comedy Records.

The name of the project (originally Cruise Control) comes from a kind of addiction to some composition rules : all tracks at 120 bpm with minimalist structures, using analogical materials only, few samples and red lights during live-sets. Also featured as guest vocalists : the famous EBM-leader Jean-Luc De Meyer (Front 242) and the talented Celine.

, Communicatin Zero, Member u-0176 (Celluloide), Roswell Conspiracy and Sulphuric Saliva brilliantly added some bonus remixes.

Darkness and beats may show some reminiscences from the 80's... but this music comes straight from the 2000's ! Just feel the experience of these electro-industrial landscapes !

mp3 :
- "Crows-nest" (10.3 mo)

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