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DC 058 - "s/t" (LP)
2008 (75 copies) - sold out

This summer, Kulfi offers two brand new records after the long deleted 10" & LP, both released on Divine Comedy Record, years ago
The first one is a limited LP with Kenji Siratori "speaking here" ; a real nightmare overwhelmed by saturations and overdubs.

This is not industrial stuff, but a sort of weird distorted heavy-psychedelia Kraut Rock fulll of atmospheres. 4 pieces haunted by ghosts of bands such Can, Neurosis, Comus, CA Quintet, or TFUL 282. It may reminds you millions of things, but this album represents their own sound and it's darker than hell ! Obsessive and complex textures emerging from large variety of instruments...

"Sun Ra meets Sunn O" according to Noise Magazine...

There's two different pressings for this release. The first 25 copies are wrapped with a (real !) panty (different for each copy). The remaining 75 other copies come... pantyless ! All copies are handnumbered with different handwritten inserts.

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