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DC 059 - "Dislocations" (CD)
2009 (300 copies)

DC 059

Sigma Octantis 1st release on DC Records was coming from nowhere but surely one of our best sellers for 2007.

The music was hard to describe, but certainly very obsessive. A crossing path between ritual and harsh ambient music deeply rooted in the 80’s experimental films and music. Definitely one of the most abstract release from a label that never really turned into mainstream.

This brand new release comes with a collage by Fab which try to decipher the disincarnated but structured dimension of Sigma Octantis musical realms.

Influences remain the same (Morthond, MB, Militia, Mandible Chatter, Haus Arafna, Megaptera or the quietest side of Brighter Death Now...), but this opus presents a more melodic side than its predecessor. It capture the same feeling but in a more bombastic, cruel and complex way. And dare we say... a bit unnerving ?!

Mastering by Cdrk.

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