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DC 060 - "5th Estate" (LP)
2009 (100 copies)

DCR presents Kulfi's new album "5th Estate"as (again) a limited handnumbered vinyl edition with homemade sleeves.

After several years into coma, Kulfi decided to record again during summer 2007. In the meantime, as a wonderful echos to our happiness, the band was involved into a collaboration 7" with the american legend Michael Yonkers and was asked by japanese nut Kenji Siratori to work with on a full lenght LP. Both were recorded during the "5th Estate" sessions and are already available on Divine Comedy Records.

So here's "5th Estate", their most powerful record to date mastered by Lambwool (who's also featured on 2 tracks). You will find the beautiful desperation of the long out of print "2nd Setting" LP and the dark playground from their collaboration with Kenji Siratori.

As a classical way of making music, Kulfi is more than ever inspirated by Can, Faust and 90's noise monsters Sonic Youth.

Trendkill Recordings will release it on CD format (1000 copies) with different artwork and tracklisting... BUY BOTH OR DIE !

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